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Characteristics: Dulcis Red-wine is produced with extra sweet wine grapes. In order to make them sweet, the fermentation is stopped before the yeast turns all the natural grape sugar into alcohol.

Color: The colour is deep ruby red with hints of violet

Aroma: The wine has a complex structure, purple colour, characteristic perfume with a velvety and harmonic taste.

Body: Our Dulcis-Red is lush, bold and rich. The taste is smooth, full and winning. The body is structured but very delicate thanks to its enveloping and complex sweetness

Wine Making Flavors: These wines explode with sweetness and heightened alcohol content.

Blended with: Many wines can benefit from adding Dulcis-Wine. Just be creative by yourself.

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Product Description

Dulcis Wine – rounds up your wine

Their sweet consistency is a natural byproduct of the process in which the wine was made, because the fruit was allowed to over ripen. No additional sugar was added to the wine in order to hide something, instead the sweet flavor was the natural result of the winemaker’s techniques.