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Grape Variety: Pinot Blanc
Color: Clear to light golden.
Aroma: Crisp and clean, little aroma
Body: Light to Medium.
Wine Making Flavors: Can be heavily oaked, especially in the US. In Alsace it is kept clean and crisp. Often used to make sparkling wine.
Blended with: Rarely, although occasionally with Chardonnay.

Product Description

Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc is a versatile white-wine grape variety that is used in the production of still, sparkling and sweet dessert wines. Although not the most glamorous member of the Pinot family, the variety has proven its worth in various European wine regions, including Alsace in northeast France, the Alto Adige region of Italy, and in parts of Germany and Austria.

The variety is often regarded as Chardonnay’s understudy; like Chardonnay it produces a similar medium- to full-bodied style of wine with good acidity, and responds well to oak maturation. Pinot Blanc’s varietal characters include apple and almond, and sometimes a touch of smokiness, although – like Chardonnay – it is a palette for winemaker intervention, and flavors often depend on style.

Pinot Blanc Grapes:
Pinot Blanc’s spiritual home is arguably Alsace, where it is overshadowed somewhat by the region’s undoubted stars, Riesling and Gewurztraminer. Pinot Blanc wines from the region are typified by almond aromas, with a hint of spice. On the palate they show a range of apple flavors, usually at the floury and creamy end of the spectrum. They may display some light mineral characteristics, but these are generally muted by the oak treatment favoured in the region. Sparkling Cremant d’Alsace wines, on the other hand, tend to be more crisp, often exhibiting a variety of nutty flavors.